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Can I just turn up to watch a lesson?
Will I need special clothing or equipment?
How much do you charge for your lessons?
How often will I need to practice?
Are there any Books or Videos that I can find to study?
Are you available to teach classes or workshops elsewhere?

Zhan Zhuang
How does Zhan Zhuang differ from other types of Chi Kung?
How does Zhan Zhuang relate to Tai Chi and other Martial Arts?
Can anybody do it?
I have a problem with my back /joints /mobility /health etc. Can Zhan Zhuang really help?
Do you teach Da Cheng Chuan / Yi Chuan?

Tai Chi
What is the difference between the Lam Style and other styles of Tai Chi?
I'm interested in the Health / Relaxation side, is this class for me?
Do you teach 'Pushing Hands' / Martial Applications?
I have some Mobility and / or Health Issues. Can anybody learn?
Do you teach Tai Chi Sword and / or other Weapons?

Wing Chun
How does Wing Chun compare to other Martial Arts?
Does Wing Chun use Grappling techniques or train in 'Groundwork'?
Will I be required to Spar or ‘Fight’ with other students?
Do you teach the use of Weapons in your classes?
Is there a lot of Fitness / Conditioning work in the classes?

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