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I have a problem with my Back /Joints /Mobility /Health etc.
Can Zhan Zhuang really help?

Zhan Zhuang increases the body's capability to heal itself, therefore all manner of health conditions can be improved by this wonderful art. It is important to realise however, that it is not a ‘miracle-cure’.

All things excellent take time

This old proverb is very appropriate to Zhan Zhuang. We cannot expect instant results, nor can we achieve great things from half-hearted effort. Throughout the art’s history it has been treated as a great treasure, even as a secret, to be passed down to a rare few who could both understand its worth and be entrusted with its development. These individuals gave a great deal to develop the art into what it is today.

Of course, we cannot all be expected to match such commitment, but whatever our circumstances, if we can sincerely use what time we can spare and make a whole–hearted effort then a lot can be achieved. Once we understand this we can begin to appreciate what our predecessors have done for us in keeping this marvellous treasure alive... and we can begin to reap the many rewards of its practice.

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