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One of the great things about studying these arts is the China trips.

Students are welcome to join us to not only see the sights but also to train with my Masters; sometimes even with their Masters too!

If you're looking to deepen your experience in your art,
then these trips come highly recommended

Wing Chun trips occur nearly every year and Zhan Zhuang trips happen every few years.

Scroll down to see some of the places we've visited in the past...

    In the grounds of a Garden Temple in Hong Kong.
We joined Grandmaster Ip Chun for his 83rd birthday in a nearby restaurant.

Hong Kong 2009

    Training in the park with some of Master Lam's friends.

Beijing 2009

With a young Beijing Wu Shu team as part of a technical exchange and demonstration. Jet Li was trained here in his younger days... A pair of good eyes might be able to recognise me as 2nd from left and Master Kwok as 2nd from right.
Beijing 2007
    Some impromptu training with Master Kwok on Victoria Peak.

Hong Kong 2007

    With Master Kwok at the Ip Man Memorial Museum.

Foshan 2006

    In the Forbidden City.

Beijing 2005

    Glacier at 4506m above sea level.

Yunan 2009

September 2012 trip to Hong Kong, China & Macau

Some pictures from our travels (click to enlarge in another window).

With thanks to all who made it such a great trip and to Master Kwok in particular.

More photos from China can be found on the Photo Gallery page.

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