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Do you teach 'Pushing Hands' / Martial Applications?

'Pushing Hands' is a method of training where two people work together to learn how to neutralise an opponents attacks and to sense openings in their defences.

This is sometimes perceived as the fighting side of Tai Chi but that is only part of the story. Pushing Hands actually trains the skill of 'listening'. Instead of using the ears, we use the skin, our sense of balance and even our awareness of energy to 'listen' to an opponents intentions. This is what enables a skilled Pushing Hands practitioner to neutralise an opponent, not mere aggression or wrestling experience.

The skill of 'listening' actually begins with learning to relax

First we must learn to relax with our movements and then we can learn to move in harmony with a partner, sensing their movements and responding accordingly. Spending longer on the early foundation stages yields greater rewards later on.

Likewise with the form: it's only when we learn the details accurately that we have any techniques to apply, else we fall into the trap of applying more force to compensate for poor technique.

So, yes, you will learn these things; although you may not realise it at first

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