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Training workshops are generally of two varieties:

1: Those based at one of my regular classes (normally run by one of my Masters)

2: Outreach classes or workshops where I travel to you

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Visits from my Masters

One of the best ways to learn more is to attend a workshop with an internationally recognised Master.
I am very fortunate in that both of my Masters fall into that category.

Master Kwok has visited us several times and as class numbers grow, I hope to invite Master Lam over too.

There will be more of these workshops in the future, so keep checking the News page for updates.

Chi Sau Workshop with Master Samuel Kwok

Some pictures from the summer workshop (click to enlarge in another window).

With thanks to my student Dave Pilkington for the photography.
You can see his website

Further Afield

For those who can't make it to Liverpool, I can also offer one day workshops and classes where I travel to you.

    Teaching Zhan Zhuang at a retreat in India.


Previous outreach work has seen me travel to:

Wavertree - 12 week Tai Chi course for the National Health Service

India - 1 week intensive Zhan Zhuang course

St. Helens - 8 week Tai Chi course for college students.

North Wales - 1 day Zhan Zhuang workshops

St. Helens - invited back to the college to offer an introduction to Wing Chun.

The Isle of Man - 1 day Zhan Zhuang workshop for beginners

and Everton - Tai Chi classes for the homeless.

If you'd be interested in such an arrangement, you can reach me through the
contact page.

Please bear in mind that if you book a month or two in advance, I am much more likely to be able to meet your requirements. Thanks.

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