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I'm interested in the Health / Relaxation side, is this class for me?

Whilst Tai Chi can be a highly effective martial art, it is by no means necessary to train aggressively or to 'fight' with anyone. In fact, so important is softness to Tai Chi, that even for those who are interested in the martial side, such an approach may not be helpful.

Whether you're interested in the martial side or not, it's all about learning to relax

Tai Chi is classed as a "soft" martial art, meaning that even when it is used to express power, the practitioner must be very relaxed.

To some, this sounds like a contradiction, but Tai Chi uses a different kind of power. Before we can hope to use this 'soft power', we'll need to let go of the 'hard power' that most of us have learned through the habits of a lifetime.

So softness and relaxation are paramount for effective Tai Chi. There is no need to explore the 'fighting' side unless you wish to do so.

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