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Click on one of the pictures below to learn more about an art's health benefits.

Zhan ZhuangTai ChiWing Chun

Zhan Zhuang Chi KungLam Style Tai ChiWing Chun Kung Fu

boosts the immune system as well as the blood. Its benefits are felt throughout the body.

The power of the body to heal itself is increased

Because the body’s general health and circulation are increased, the body begins to work better. Digestion is improved, aches and pains are diminished and mind and body become more resistant to stress and worry.

The energy goes wherever it is needed

Some of the most commonly experienced benefits include:

Calming of the Nerves Relieving of Chronic Illness

Increased Stamina Strengthened Immunity

Improved Quality of Sleep Increased sense of Well-Being

Studies by Professor Yu Yong Nian, at Teh Lu Hospital in Beijing, showed that after one hour of standing in a zhan zhuang posture, patients' red and white blood cell counts were found to have increased significantly. Increases as high as 3.2 grams of haemoglobin (the blood's oxygen carrying protein) per cm3 of blood were recorded.

The quality of the blood is improved

People who practice zhan zhuang regularly, often notice that their breathing becomes deeper and slows down. This is true both during and after practice, meaning that the lungs are never over-exerted during training. Electrocardiograph measurements have also shown that the heartbeat usually becomes slower yet more powerful during practice.

The heart and lungs remain calm

The movement of the diaphragm becomes more powerful, enabling more efficient breathing and also massaging the abdominal organs, thereby assisting digestive function. In one study, measurements of the volume of ventilation were recorded to increase by as much as 33 per cent.

Fitness is improved without incurring an 'Oxygen Debt'

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has become famous for its health benefits and its gentle, soothing movements, making it an increasingly popular form of exercise.

Tai Chi is one of the most widely practiced health exercises on the planet

Like Zhan Zhuang, Tai Chi works with the body's internal energy or 'chi'. Unlike Zhan Zhuang however, Tai Chi has become much more of a 'household-name' and that is reflected in the ammount of modern scientific research that it has been subject to.

Modern Science is increasingly aware of the health benefits of Tai Chi

Recent studies suggests that Tai Chi is helpful in the following ways:

Helps Prevent Falls Allieviates Depression and Anxiety

Increases Stamina Strengthens Immunity

Improves Quality of Sleep Reduces effects of Arthritis

There are many more health benefits attributed to Tai Chi. Scientific research into this art is still gathering pace in it's attempts to verify such promising findings as helping those with diabetes, resisting osteoporosis and even combating cancer.

Please remember however, that this is an art: the more you work at it, the better the results.

The classes offered here prioritise the health aspect of Tai Chi over the martial side. That makes it easier for many people to relax in a non-confrontational atmosphere without the pressure of any perceived kind of competetion.

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WING CHUN, whilst more renowned for its fighting prowess than for its health benefits, can nevertheless benefit general health. In particular, the ‘Chi-Sau’ sensitivity training that this style is famous for, encourages relaxation and develops the priceless skill of remaining calm when under pressure.

With skill, comes confidence

With confidence, we can begin to worry less. Worrying can be a constant drain upon our nervous systems and therefore detrimental to our health. In the field of martial arts, confidence usually results in the additional benefit of an increased sense of personal security; thereby reducing worry in many common situations.

Training should be enjoyable as well as rewarding

By training in a friendly, cooperative environment, we gain confidence from our progress and encouragement from the progress of others. Traditionally, classmates are viewed as family, not rivals.
If you remember to bring your sense of humour then you should find that you make friends whilst doing something enjoyable and eveyone's health can benefit from that...

Key health benefits of Wing Chun practice:



Coping with Stress

Improved Confidence

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