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Here are some photos that have been taken over the years.

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Zhan Zhuang & Tai Chi Wing Chun

Zhan Zhuang & Tai ChiWing Chun Kung Fu

Zhan Zhuang & Tai Chi Photos

    Receiving my Zhan Zhuang instructor's certificate from Master Lam at The Lam Association in London.

    Training in the park with some of Master Lam's friends.

Beijing 2009

    With Grandmaster Yu and Master Lam (seated left and right respectively) on the day of Grandmaster Yu's 90th birthday in Beijing.

    Paying my respects at the Memorial of Grandmaster Yu.

Beijing 2014

    The list of Grandmaster Yu's followers at his memorial in Beijing.

    Teaching Zhan Zhuang at a retreat in India.


More photos can be found on the
China Trips page.

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Wing Chun Photos

    Receiving a pennant of friendship from City University of Hong Kong Wing Chun Martial Arts Association (with Master Kwok on the far left of photo).

    At the grave of Great Grandmaster Ip Man.

(left to right) Grandmaster Ip Ching, Master Samuel Kwok, and Sifu Steven Williams.

    Taking part in the Bai Si ceremony with Master Kwok.

This event took place in the Ip Man Memorial museum (Foshan, China).
The above picture first appeared in the Chinese newspaper, 'Foshan Daily'.

    At the home of Grandmaster Ip Ching (Hong Kong) with Master Kwok.

    With Master Kwok at the Ving Tsun (Wing Chun) Athletic Association (where Great Grandmaster Ip Man used to teach) in Hong Kong.

With a young Beijing Wu Shu team (in their training hall) as part of a technical exchange and demonstration. A pair of good eyes might be able to recognise me as 2nd from left.

    Master Kwok pays a visit to the Crosby class.

More photos can be found on the
China Trips page.

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