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Does Wing Chun use Grappling techniques or train in ’Groundwork’?

Firstly, grappling (or wrestling) is an important strategy in the martial arts and most styles employ it on some level. Certainly Wing Chun has its own grappling techniques. It is true however, that Wing Chun is primarily a striking art.

When grappling (to ground level in the case of ‘groundwork’), it is usually necessary to grab or trap the limbs. Once a skilled Wing Chun practitioner makes contact with the limbs of an opponent, he or she will be able to employ the skills of ‘Chi Sau’.

This special training of the Wing Chun system focuses on controlling not only an opponents limbs but also his reactions. The control achieved is used not only to grapple but more often to set up fast, direct attacks. This requires a high level of sensitivity and authentic Wing Chun spends a great deal of time training this.
(There is more on Chi Sau here).

Just like a grappler, a Wing Chun practitioner will ‘ask’ for the hands or limbs of an adversary, moving into close range in order to gain advantage. The difference lies in how this advantage is used. This is not to say that Wing Chun is superior or inferior to more grappling orientated arts, merely that it is different.

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