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How does Zhan Zhuang relate to Tai Chi and other Martial Arts?

Zhan Zhuang has strong connections with the internal martial arts such as Tai Chi Chuan and Xing Yi Chuan. Traditionally, Zhan Zhuang would often be a significant part of their training, boosting the energy and vitality of the practitioner. The external arts also had their own Zhan Zhuang, however, it often played a smaller role in those arts as a whole.

Despite these traditions, it is now uncommon for instructors of the martial arts to have been properly trained in Zhan Zhuang. You may often hear of “standing like a tree” chi kung. This name was created by Master Lam himself and awareness of Zhan Zhuang has spread dramatically since the publication of his book, “The Way of Energy”.

The Zhan Zhuang being promoted by this web-site is (in common with that of Master Lam) from the martial art of Da Cheng Chuan, where Zhan Zhuang forms the basis of the entire art. Consequently, the Zhan Zhuang of Da Cheng Chuan is developed to a very high level.

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